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Ever had a social cause to support, brilliant content to share yet cannot find a platform to propagate your idea? Look no further, Thunderclap is just the thing for you.

Using Thunderclap allows you to share a single message on your behalf. You can opt to give your support on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr (or all of them at once!) at a time and date of your choosing. After the campaign is complete, Thunderclap won’t post anymore messages on your behalf.


i) How does it work?

Start with a message. Simple, eloquent yet to the point, your message should convey the target audience of what you want and why you want it.

ii) Choose a deadline.

You want to create impact at a specific date or time, something that coincides with a special event. In that case, choose a launch date that will enable you to get the most out of the impact. Come up with a promotion plan. After setting up a deadline and a memorable message to go with, START PROMOTING!

You can go with the following options to maximize outreach:

– Email

– Embedding it on your website blog

– Twitter

– Facebook

– Youtube

iii) Be clear of what you want from supporters.

It is pertinent to be clear to your followers about what you want them to do when you begin promoting. State in clear words that you need them to click on your widget, invite link or the embed button and they should be designed in such a way that should make your Thunderclap count rise otherwise you may find that potential supporters have only liked or re-tweeted your invitation rather than backing your Thunderclap. Also, explaining to them the purpose or mission of Thunderclap (as it is a relatively new platform) would go a long way to show them of its effectiveness.

Emphasizing the need to click on the link and not to ‘like’ or ‘retweet’ is the key


iv) Where to begin?

Marketing is the key once your Thunderclap is approved by the website. Some of the pointers for a quick intro to marketing are given below.


Begin your campaign with people you are already familiar with. This may include your friends, family and contacts. As you already know these people, writing a personalized message would go a long way. Be careful in choosing your words as these people will also promote your message on your behalf. You can be surprised at how much influence you possess in your ‘inner’ circle.


Credits: Thunderclap


An email blast to your extended network is the next step. It allows you to reach out to a greater number of people with one generic message. Be sure to mould your message according to target audience otherwise it might throw off the recipients.

Newsletters allow you to promote to a large audience with the same consistent content.
Credits : Thunderclap


Thunderclap also recommends you to utilize Twitter as it is straight to the point and simple. Some savy tips on how to get your message across are given on their guide :

  • @ mention relevant people directly asking for support. Don’t be shy!
  • Create a sense of urgency (i.e. “3 days to go…,” “2 days to go…”)
  • Share and retweet when people support you (i.e. “Thanks to @Username for supporting…”)
  • Send updates on current events that relate to your message

It is important to make those 140 characters count


A vibrant platform that allows to attach relevant supporting photos and a greater word count, Facebook gives you more space to maneuver your creativity. You can create a larger outreach than if you were simply to drop a link on your page.


Facebook allows you the freedom in terms of words and content. Picture Credits : Thunderclap


If you have video content that you deem worthy of sharing or have some creative vine that you could show the world, put it on the video sharing platform. Engaging your audience in visually enriched experience will allow you to gain traction across the right audience. Repeat the same with video hosting platform.

Don’t forget to mention your Thuderclap link in the description otherwise it may end up same as the ‘likes’ and ‘retweet’ only scenario!


Thunderclap is currently being put to good use by organizations such as The White House, Levis and United Nations to famous celebrities including Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Stephen Fry and many more.

Checkout more details on its official website.

Have a great cause to share ? Write to us in your comments below!

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