Fake News by Pakistan media

FAKE NEWS: How Pakistani media spreads panic, disinformation

Pakistani media has oft been guilty of indulging in yellow journalism for the sale of extra copies of newspapers. Bizarre headlines, outrageous and out-of-context statements by prominent personalities find their way into front pages of newspapers more often than not. The issue however, has exacerbated with advent of digital media. Ratings are now measured in metrics …read in detail

military operation in Waziristan, Shawal

#ShawaalKaMahaaz: Things you should know about Shawal valley & operation

(Web Desk) — In a first for local and international media, Dunya News’ Chief National Security Correspondent, Wajahat Saeed Khan reports from the ongoing Shawal operation, which was launched last August, a full fourteen month after the launch of Zarb-e-Azb, the Pakistani military s largest counterinsurgency offensive in years. Embedded with 9th Infantry Division of the …read in detail