Striking Simliarity or Insufferable Incompetence?

Here’s one for the folks, who for some reason, keep bringing back similarities between  Pakistan 1992 and Team Pakistan World Cup 2015.

The Captains: Both Khan

Sometimes posing with the trophy is just not enough.
Sometimes posing with the trophy is just not enough

Argument: Imran Khan and Misbah Ul Haq Khan? Praise the Lord!

Counter-Argument: Misbah Ul Haq, a batsman who’s known by the nick tuq tuq against the all-rounder who was (and still is) known for his flair?

Imran Khan, who took a bow out of International Cricket in ’92, had a strike rate of 72.65 with the bat. Misbah Ul Haq, Imran Khan’s successor after 23 years, has a strike rate of 73.73 in an era where a strike rate of 85 is the norm.

Oh yes, did I mention Imran Khan also took 182 ODI wickets at an average of 26?

The X-factor: Leg-spinners in both World Cups.

Argument: Legspiners always have more success in Australia; look at ’92 World Cup. Apna Yasir boi X-factor hai.

pakistan world cup 2015 cricket meme
Yasir Shah and Mushtaq Ahmed? Dog please

Counter-Argument: Thrown at the deep end without any ODI experience, Yasir Shah is a far cry from the experienced Mushtaq Ahmed who had established himself at the big stage when he set foot Down-Under to play for the green shirts. ‘X-factor’ Yasir Shah has played almost the same number of the ODI as his doppleganger Lionel Messi. Things have gone ‘messy’ for Yasir Shah already. A plethora of dropped catches and a wicket column that resembles the barren lands of Sahara desert, Yasir Shah is the 180 degree opposite of Mushtaq Ahmed right now.

Pace Attack: Both led by left-armers

Argument: Wasim bhai and Mohammad Irfan both left armers? Hallelujah!

pakistan world cup 2015 cricket meme
Comparing Wasim Akram and Irfan? Alam Channa disagrees

Counter-Argument: The Sultan of Swing is arguably the best left arm bowler to grace the field, having taken 502 ODI wickets when his career ended in ’03. In comparison to Irfan, whose only achievement at this point, is genetic by nature.

Bowling from a height of allegedly 13000 ft above sea level, Irfan resembles nothing of the reverse swing maestro.

The strike bowler of the Pakistani bowling attack, Wasim Akram, had more ODIs in the bag till ’92 cup than the 6 bowlers the selectors have picked combined.

Argument: Pakistan also lost to West Indies and India in ’92 Cup

Counter Argument: Bhai baqi matches bhi haar jao.

Unlike the last World Cup, Pakistan is also set to lose against Ireland if the current form keeps up.

Pakistan’s ODI record right now reads something like this:

Sahir Lodhi has more chance of winning Mr.Punjab then Pakistan has winning the World Cup right now.

Keeping in tradition with posting LOL-cats on satire pieces, a more relevant picture to describe Pakistani fanboys right now:

Coincidence? I think not.
Coincidence? I think not.

Honorary Mentions:

1. Javed Miandad had more runs in his career than the current middle batting order combined.

2. Openers Aamir Sohail and Rameez Raja were the best opening pair Pakistan has had for the past 2 decades. The current openers aren’t, well, openers.

Popularity poll:

Who is your pick?

Younus Khan, the chalti phirti wicket?

pakistan world cup 2015 cricket meme

Or the less-fit-than Shoaib Akhtar’s Phopi Nasir Jamshed?


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