Twitterati denounce Yemen strikes as #StopWarsInMuslimWorld trends

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 #StopWarsInMuslimWorld is trending at number 1 on Twitter in Pakistan as of writing this piece. It is prudent to mention here that in recent times have seen a spate of violence in Muslim countries all around the world including, most recently, Yemen.

A cursory glance at the sad affair of states, who have Muslim majority population will suffice to show how deep war mongering has pierced into the mindsets of the Muslim population.

Is the Islamic world at its wits’ end?

Syria is in the grip of Islamic State (IS) while Yemen is divided into two major factions with 2 sectarian groups fighting for the control of the country.

Saudi Arabia is forming a coalition to counter (read: bombard) Yemen territory in a bid to support the faction it is rooting for.

Palestine has been bled dry by Israel for the past 6 months by phosphorous missiles and cluster bombs alike. Children, elderly and women alike have been slain indiscriminately by ‘apartheid’ Israel which refuses to recognize Palestine.

is another country that has been pierced apart by IS and its post-U.S.-invasion military renders it more or less useless to counter the ever increasing hordes of well-funded IS that is implementing a version of ‘shahria’ hitherto unknown to the followers of the religion itself.

Afghanistan, another product of ‘freedom’ courtesy U.S. military is set to become the eye of the storm once the coalition forces pack their bags from Afghanistan and it is only a matter of time before the country falls into the mercy of the local warlords.

Libya, the country with the 10th largest oil reserves in world, has not seen a sigh of relief ever since the dictator Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown. Currently ruled by 2 governments, one based in Tripoli and another in Tobruk, the country is the embodiment of a failed state.

And finally to end the list with the Islamic Republic of Pakistan which has been facing escalation of violence, sectarian, ethnic and regional for more than a decade.

To add insult to injury, Pakistan has been invited to Saudi Arabia led-coalition which aims to liberate (read: bomb back to stone-age) Yemen to back its own interest in the region.

The concept of Muslim Ummah has been called into question with the amount of infighting among countries dominated by different sectarian groups.

As of writing this piece, ‘Sunni’ and ‘Shia’ are also trending in Pakistan, highlighting the apparent crack that exists in our ‘social fabric’ that we proclaim so proudly.

The twitterati has taken to the social platform with bang and here we highlight some of tweeps who have commented on the occasion:

 Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan condemned Pakistan’s participation in the regional war and advised against any move that might cause a blowback to the country:


Similar images were seen throughout the trend, denouncing sectarianism among the Muslim world:



Commenting on the situation, a tweep accurately described why Pakistan cannot afford to go in another war right now.



A tweep quipped away at the situation, remarking Pakistan’s nearness to Middle-East as a curse to national prosperity


Pakistan’s stance on the matter has been similar to a see-saw, with public opinion and government’s stance as unclear as muddy water.

Khawaja Asif, Defence Minister of Pakistan said Pakistan’s “only pledge is for the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”.

“God forbid, if there is any threat to the sovereignty or territorial integrity of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan will defend it at any cost,” while speaking at the parliament floor.

The final verdict is to be passed as to how and where Pakistan will join the coalition forces. As a Pakistani, one can only hope that the decision would be taken in greater national interest. A recap of scenarios of the likes of 1980s-styled Afghan war is something Pakistan cannot afford.

The old adage of ‘once bitten, twice shy’ can serve our country best in these times of turmoil.

Disclaimer: This article was originally published by yours truly on Dunya TV website, the original article can be found here.

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