PSL: Peshawar Zalmi decimate Quetta, win final by 58 runs

PSL-Final-Quetta Gladiators-Peshawar Zalmi

Peshawar Zalmi won the final of Pakistan Super League (PSL) by 58 runs on Sunday at Gaddafi Stadium Lahore. Kamran Akmal top scored for Zalmi, making 40 runs while Quetta Gladiators’ Rayadh Emirit took 3 wickets for 13 runs.

Earlier, Quetta Gladiators won the toss and elected to bowl first, where Hasan Ali, Ashgar and Wahab Riaz took 7 wickets between them, conceding only 42 runs in their 12 overs. A late onslaught by the West Indian insured that Zalmi got to a defendable total of 148 runs.


Peshawar Zalmi are the champions of the 2nd season of the PSL!


Over 17: 90 all out!

16.3: OUT! Wahab Riaz gets the last wicket.


Over 16.0: 88/9

15.6: OUT! 18-year-old Hassaan Khan goes after making 4 runs. Riaz gets a wicket.End is getting nearer now. Will Sammy and Zalmi live up to their promise?Flashback:

Over 15.0: 83/8

14.4: OUT! Anwar Ali is out of sorts, hits the ball towards mid-wicket, mistimes it to the fielder on the off-side.


Over 14.0: 80-7

13.5: FOUR! 69 runs need off 36 balls now.

Quetta Gladiators is sorely missing its foreign players:

Over 13.0: 72-7

12.5: OUT! Asghar gets his 2nd wicket in as many balls. Stumped by the keeper, Nawaz walks back to pavilion.


12.4: OUT! Sean Ervine is bowled, excellent bowling by Ashgar.


Over 12.0: 69/5

11.4: FOUR! Ervine hits Jordan at fine-leg for a boundary.

Over 11.0: 60/5

Only 5 runs from the over, all singles. Anwar Ali unable to hit bowler Asghar for boundaries.

Slogans of ‘Go Nawaz Go’ being raised in the Stadium. Memes underway:

Over 10.0: 55/5

9.2: FOUR! Anwar Ali hits Wahab Riaz’s delivery towards third-man.

Cricket comes back to Pakistan. Tweep captures a beautiful view:

Over 9.0: 48-5

8.2: FOUR! Ervine plays the ball inside out towards extra cover region.

Excitement of the PSL has carried its way all the way to England, where Mayor of London has tweeted in support of #PSL

Over 8.0: 40-5

7.2: OUT! Saad Nasim is gone. Mistimes the ball magnificently.


Appropriate response by the tweep:

Wahab Riaz is introduced to the attack.

Over 7.0: 37/4

Neat over by Jordan. Asking rate is climbing towards 9 per over for the Gladiators.

Zalmi fans are over the moon. No pun intended.

Over 6.0: 30/4

5.4: OUT! Sarfaraz is stumped. Clever bowling by the professor, as he pitches it wide. Keeper collects the ball and dislodges the wicket.

Things looking gloomy for Quetta. Tweep’s got the tweet right:

5.2: FOUR! Sarfaraz sweeps the ball towards legside. Hafeez is on the receiving end.

Over 5.0: 20/3

4.5: FOUR! Sarfaraz Ahmed hits the ball outside off.

4.2: OUT! Shahzad is gone. Wicket-taker is Hasan Ali.

Zalmi fans are jubiliant:

Over 4.0: 13/2

3.5: FOUR! Sarfaraz hits the ball over mid-wicket region.

3.4: FOUR! Square cut gives Sarfaraz his first boundary.

3.1: OUT! Anamul Haque tries to hits it to long-on, Jordan catches it.

Over 3.0: 5-1

Just 3 runs from the over.

Hasan Ali suffcoating the run-rate for Quetta Gladiators. Required run-rate climbs to 8.47

Over 2.0: 2/1

Slow start from the Gladiators. Tweep expresses a valid point:

1.3: OUT! Direct hit from Hasan does the trick. van Wyk is out!

Over 1.0: 1/0

Tight line and length from Hasan Ali. Just 1 run from the over.

Leader Awami Muslim League Sheikh Rasheed in the stands:

Over 0.0:

Ahmed Shahzad and Morne van Wyk make their way to the crease. Hasan Ali to bowl the new ball.

Cricinfo says: Wasim and Waqar will share Wasim and Waqar will share the new ball will share TV commentary.


Over 20.0: 148-3

Very expensive over by Anwar Ali. Sammy has put Zalmi right back into the game.

19.3: SIX! Another gigantic blow by the West Indian. Anwar looks hopeless in face of sudden onslaught.
19.2: SIX! Straight down the ground. Sammy has skied it straight into the bleachers.

Over 19.0: 134-6

18.4: FOUR! Hit towards cover region for a boundary.

PSL has found a fan in Indian legend Rishi Kapoor as well:


Over 18.0: 115-6

Nawaz bowls another good over, finished his quota of 4 overs. He has conceded just 16 runs.

51 balls since the last six. This tweep has got this right:


Over 17.0: 112-6

16.4: OUT! Iftikhar Ahmed gets out LBW, bowler Emrit on hat-trick.

16.3: OUT! Hafeez skies the ball and mistimes it. Caught in the deep. He goes making 12 from 13 balls. Zalmi fans missing Afridi’s firepower in the middle overs.

Lala’s fans feeling the same:

Over 16.0: 110-4

Anwar tightening up the noose for Peshawar. 5 runs of the over, no boundary.

Action missing on the pitch as run-rate falls. Spectators however:

Over 15.0: 104-4

Only 3 runs from the over. Zulfiqar Babar finishes his quota of 4 overs giving away only 21 runs from them.

Kamran Akmal interviewed during the over. Here is what he had to say:

Over 14.0: 101-4
13.5: FOUR! Hafeez negotiates the ball towards fine-cover region.

Over 13.0: 90-4
Tight over by Zulfiqar Babar, only 3 runs off it.

PSL final being watched by people all over the world:

Over 12.0: 87-4

11.4: OUT! Stumped by the keeper as the bowler sees the batsman coming down the pitch. Hasan Khan throws it wide, gets the wicket.

Two new batsmen on crease. Hafeez and Iftikhar Ahmed have played less than 5 deliveries combined

Over 11.0: 84-3

10.1: OUT! Samuels is clean bowled by Nawaz.

Abid Sher Ali celebrates in the stands:

Over 10.0: 82/2

Muhammad Hafeez walks onto the crease. Peshawar Zalmis is going at 8.2 runs per over.

Michael Kugelman adds his two cents:

Over 9.0: 64-1

9.6: OUT! Kamran Akmal is sent back to the crease. What an anti-climax to the over.

9.4: SIX! Marlon Samuels hits consecutive sixes into the stand.

9.3: SIX! Samuels powers the ball over the fence, over off side.


Over 8: 57-1

7.1: FOUR! Akmal cuts the ball hard towards cover.

Over 7.0: 54-1

Hasan Khan is bowling tight line and length here. 2 runs from the over.

Earlier, during the closing ceremony:

Over 6.0: 52-1

5.5: FOUR! Sloppy fielding. Kamran Akmal gets another boundary.

Samuel walks onto the crease.

Over 5.0: 46-1

4.4: OUT! Emrit bowl Malan. Right into the stumps. First breakthrough for the Gladiators. Malan drags a slower ball onto the stumps

Over 4.0: 41-0
Economic over by Mohammad Nawaz. 7 runs off it.

3.3: FOUR!

The 2Ws will feature in the commentary box today.

Over 3.0: 34-0

2.4: Four!

The legend himself tweets:

Over 2.0: 28-0

Emrit has been hammered for 15 runs. Both boundaries coming off the bat of Kamran Akmal

1.6: SIX!
1.3: FOUR!

Afridi receiving adoration from fans. Unlucky to miss out on the final due to injury:

Over 1.0: 13-0

13 runs off the over. Expensive from Zulfiqar. Kamran Akmal looking in-form yet again.

Over 0.6: Another FOUR!
Over 0.4: FOUR!
Over 0.3: FOUR!

National anthem starts:

Over 0.0: Zulfiqar Babar takes the bowl. The left-arm-slow bowler will bowl the first over.

Beautiful placard by a fan:

The match began at 08:00 PM. Following players will feature in the PSL final:

Peshawar Zalmi Team:

Hasan Ali, Iftikhar Ahmed, CJ Jordan, , Kamran Akmal†, Khushdil Shah, DJ Malan, Mohammad Asghar, Mohammad Hafeez, DJG Sammy*, MN Samuels, Wahab Riaz

Quetta Gladiators Team:

Ahmed Shehzad, Anamul Haque, Anwar Ali, RR Emrit, SM Ervine, Mohammad Nawaz, Saad Nasim, Sarfraz Ahmed*†, , MN van Wyk, Zulfiqar Babar

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