Google Alphabet

Unraveling Google’s operating structure

Google recently announced a change in hierarchy of its organization by establishing a parent company Alphabet. A few friends of mine recently inquired as to what this sudden change in hierarchy means and what are the divisions and their respective heads inside Google. Here is a simplified breakdown of where ‘Alphabet’, parent company of Google, …read in detail

military operation in Waziristan, Shawal

#ShawaalKaMahaaz: Things you should know about Shawal valley & operation

(Web Desk) — In a first for local and international media, Dunya News’ Chief National Security Correspondent, Wajahat Saeed Khan reports from the ongoing Shawal operation, which was launched last August, a full fourteen month after the launch of Zarb-e-Azb, the Pakistani military s largest counterinsurgency offensive in years. Embedded with 9th Infantry Division of the …read in detail

Narendra Modi meets Mark Zuckerberg

Activists send Mark Zuckerberg hand sanitizers after he meets with Narendra Modi

(Web Desk) – A group of activists known by the name of ‘Alliance for Justice and Accountability’ is planning to send Mark Zuckerberg hundreds of hand sanitizer bottles after the Facebook founder met with Indian PM Narendra Modi. The act of sending the bottles, said the activists, is to help Mark Zuckerberg wipe off the …read in detail


Microsoft Trolls Google, Alphabet with

In a hilarious turn of events on the launch of Alphabet, now the parent company of Google, Microsoft has trolled Alphabet’s domain: Microsoft has (according to unconfirmed reports) registered domains resembling closely to the newly launched Alphabet site: The sites redirect the users to Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, as the pun intended names …read in detail


Sticks and Stones: 20 Years Jail Imposed by Zionist Israel on ‘Stone Throwers’

  The Zionist Republic of Israel has approved a sentencing of 20 years for stone throwers. Apparently seeking justice against the killing of one’s siblings, parents and being uprooted from your homes qualifies for getting incarcerated for 2 decades. The doctrine is simple; We bomb you with phosphorus, commit war crimes and then we incarcerate …read in detail