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Another feather to the cap added earlier this week. Pakistan’s Road to cricket World Cup from 1975 to 2011 had not been written prior to 27 December 2015 and now such literature exists on the internet, courtesy yours truly.

Okay maybe that was an exaggeration, but the point is most of the World Cup details revolve around the teams that won that particular edition. Pakistan’s World-Cup runs have been far from glorious except for the ’92 and ’99 editions of the Cup. No wonder nobody bothered about compiling such literature up till now.

All that changed when I took on the challenge of compiling the details of every match in a story based format that stretches across the 3 decades of the façade that Pakistan likes to call ‘performing’ in World Cups.

In less than a week, more than 12,000 words worth of cricket action were written, based only on the Pakistani campaigns.

After more than 50 hours of writing, researching, rewriting, re-researching, rechecking facts and figures, browsing through the Cricinfo archives and several tears and heartbreak moments later(excuse the artistic license), the site to which I have contributed has went live.

Why you should check out my site, you say, when you could easily be entertaining yourself with hours of LOL-cats footage from Youtube?

I can haz cheez burger
I can haz cheez burger

Maybe because the site also contains pretty graphics and videos that you would have seen but as they are named ‘Rare footage’, you’re going to watch it anyway.

Zlatan endorses Hanzla Sajid
Zlatan endorses Hanzla Sajid

On a serious note though, this literature is designed to serve as reference guide as it contains all sorts of scorecards, fixtures, who top scored for Pakistan in which cup and who won with the most percentage while wearing the captain’s cap.

Zlatan endorses the following articles for brushing up your World Cup history:

Pakistan’s road to World Cup        Records in World Cups 

Deadliest batsmen in World Cups   | Deadliest bowlers in World Cups:

Cricketing Rivalries                          | Abrupt Ending of World Cup games

Major upsets in World Cup             | World Cup moments

Controversies during World Cups   | Cursory glance on all World Cups

Any more random Pakistani World Cup facts you want to know? Drop a comment or two.
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