Nasir Jamshed parody account back after Twitter ban

Nasir Jamshed parody account

Nasir Jamshed, the (not so) flamboyant left arm batsman whose steam engine has apparently run out steam has been on the receiving end of public banter since Pakistani team set sail (on a snail pace, mind you) on its World Cup campaign.
Capitalizing on the hilarious performance of out-of-form batsman, a tweep has managed to garner almost 60k followers on the batsman’s misery by making a parody twitter account. ‘Big Nas’, known by his twitter handle ‘@NasirJamshed_’, has the flailing performance of the team in his iron-sight as reflected by his tweets.


Everything was going smooth for the tweep, whose real identity is not known so far, till Bangladesh Vs England fixture where he tweeted (read: cracked jokes) about the Bangladeshi players and their celebration style which apparently offended some Bangladeshis. See for yourself what Big Nas had to say on #engVsban:


This ignited a flame war on twitter where Bangladeshis started swearing at the tweep like there was no tomorrow. A little ways down the line, Big Nas tweeted a joke about Rubel Hossain, the military medium bowler from Bangladesh who had helped Bangladesh win the match. The tweet can be seen below:

The Bangladeshis, apparently could not come to terms in facing the problem that other teams face when they are in the spot light; criticism. The imposter Jamshed also had a say in this matter:


But as the flame war got out of hand and the account was supposedly reported by thousands of people, Twitter intervened and in a rare case of transgression from its policy of ‘free speech’, Twitter banned Big Nas for a duration of 5 days before his account came live again.

That did not deter the tweep behind Big Nas. Back from the dead, from the handle of @bigNasLawyer, he already has gathered a sizeable audience from his tweets:


At the time of writing this piece, Big Nas has been active for 6 hours and he’s back at it once more.

Only time will tell if his humor can be endured by fans of the criticized once Big Nas turns his guns onto some other team or celebrity. Replicas of parody accounts are already active, following his trend. Big Nas also had a say on the matter, in his own funny (and on-purpose broken english)


Bravo Big Nas, you had our curiosity, now you have our attention.

My verdict? +1 for free speech.

This satire piece originally appeared on Dunya News website, written by yours truly.

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