Exclusive Interview with Ahmad Hyatt of Softception

Earlier this week , University of Lahore had the privilege of organizing a seminar on Google Analytics where the crowd had a chance to interact with the people in industry and learn from their experience.

Ahmed Hyat, Founder Softception
Ahmed Hyat, Founder Softception

The highlight speaker at the event was Ahmad Hyatt , Founder Softception , a Digital Creative Agency providing wide range of IT and web services to businesses around the world.

After the event , Mr Hyatt was kind enough to give us an insight into his working methods and some advice as well on new entrants looking to make their name in the market.

Here is how it went down :

-Mr Ahmed, what was the aim in mind when you came here to give the note speech?

Its always a pleasure , speaking in front of a highly interactive crowd and what better audience than a bunch of lively university students ! We were here to promote the trend of Google Student ambassadors and to give a touch on some of Google’s products .

-Google Student Ambassador ? Shed some light on the matter.

A Google Student Ambassadorship is an opportunity for students to act as liaisons between Google and their universities. These ambassadors plan and host fun events on campus and act as a campus contact for Google teams. There are 5 of them currently in Pakistan , with NUST and LUMS having two each while one belongs to GCU.


-You mentioned earlier during your seminar on being the Founder of Softception. How’s that coming along ?

Startups are my forte and yes, I am the founder of Softception. We are a digital creative agency that specializes in web software to application development. Recently we got a government funded office in Arfa Karim Center thanks to Plan9 Tech incubation. We have designed more than 200 websites( and counting ! ) for a clientèle that spreads home and abroad.

-Whats on the horizon for Softception ?

Softeception is going along nicely. We have applied in LUMS Entrepreneur Hub and are also working in tandem with Manager Today , ‘managing’ *chuckles* their social media and digital marketing. We are in the process of launching some startups as well in cooperation with Plan9, currently in pipeline.

Audience at the Google Seminar
Audience at the Google Seminar

-Are you planning on doing events like this in the future?

Definitely, We have taken parts in such events in Beaconhouse National University (BNU) and University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Lahore and now in University of Lahore. We intend to reach to audience in University of Central Punjab (UCP) and Kinniard College soon.

-Sounds like the startup is coming along nice , any advice you can give to someone who is looking to walk the same path as yours ?

Make a goal in your mind and if you think you are not a 9 to 5 guy then this is the thing for you. As I said earlier during my talk , good is not good enough , you have got to be great . Never go to an incubation thinking that someone may steal your idea. Ideas can be copied but your passion for your idea cannot be paralleled by any one !

Mr Ahmed Hyatt can be contacted on the following :

 Facebook: facebook.com/ahmad.hyatt

 Twitter:  twitter.com/AhmadHyatt

This blog post was originally published here by yours truly when I worked at Blogogist.

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