Always the bridesmaid never the bride, England Crashes out in WC once again

England cricket team world cup 2015

Many things come to mind when one thinks of England. The queen, tea parties and of course the ineptness of the England cricket team when it comes to the big stage.

There a couple of ways to bring your team under fire for not performing. Losing to Bangladeshi cricket team is one of them.

At a loss for actual words when I saw England cricket team tumble for 260 after a struggle that resembled more like Greek economy and less like a display of willow-work, the only thing that comes to mind; England, are you an effective team?

England cricket team world cup 2015
Oblivion wali aunty poses a serious question to Eoin Morgan


Unlike Oblivion, where the plot has protagonist Tom Cruise to save the day, the solutions England have to come up to for their ODI struggles are neither handsome nor dreamy as the Top-Gun hero.

A cursory look at the twitterati, more specifically former English captains reveal a more telling tale than any.

Former cricketer and captain of two World Cup squads, Michael Vaughan being the Englishman that he is, started off supporting England as evident by the tweet below:

Halfway through , he was already having regrets:

Supporting England team can be hard sometimes. We feel you Vaughnie.

Japan Cricket Association (YES IT EXISTS!) also had a bit of a laugh at ECB’s expense. The obscure cricket board took a swing at the ‘big 3’ team by tweeting the following:

And when there’s action there Kevin Pietersen. The disgruntled master blaster quipped quickly in reply to Cricket Japan with the following tweet:

Lawrence Booth, Editor of Wisden summarised the contest with a tongue-in-cheek tweet, terming both sides as ‘minnows’

England are out of contention for the World Cup and a tweep had a very interesting take on England’s way home:

Here’s to hope that World Cup 2019 will see England in a better form than it has displayed this World Cup. *raises mug* *drinks skimmed milk*

Honorary Mention:   England cricket team world cup 2015

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