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Woman Power: Nigar Johar becomes 3rd Female Major General of Pakistan Army

Security Desk — Nigar Johar, formerly 1-star General, has become 3rd female to be promoted to rank of Major General in Pakistan Army. The good news was broken through Pakistan Army’s PR agency, Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) portal, where it was announced that as many as 37 Brigadiers have been promoted to Major Generals. Pakistan is the …read in detail

military operation in Waziristan, Shawal

#ShawaalKaMahaaz: Things you should know about Shawal valley & operation

(Web Desk) — In a first for local and international media, Dunya News’ Chief National Security Correspondent, Wajahat Saeed Khan reports from the ongoing Shawal operation, which was launched last August, a full fourteen month after the launch of Zarb-e-Azb, the Pakistani military s largest counterinsurgency offensive in years. Embedded with 9th Infantry Division of the …read in detail


Sticks and Stones: 20 Years Jail Imposed by Zionist Israel on ‘Stone Throwers’

  The Zionist Republic of Israel has approved a sentencing of 20 years for stone throwers. Apparently seeking justice against the killing of one’s siblings, parents and being uprooted from your homes qualifies for getting incarcerated for 2 decades. The doctrine is simple; We bomb you with phosphorus, commit war crimes and then we incarcerate …read in detail

Trending Tag; #StopWarsInMuslimWorld, Yemen

Twitterati denounce Yemen strikes as #StopWarsInMuslimWorld trends

 #StopWarsInMuslimWorld is trending at number 1 on Twitter in Pakistan as of writing this piece. It is prudent to mention here that in recent times have seen a spate of violence in Muslim countries all around the world including, most recently, Yemen. A cursory glance at the sad affair of states, who have Muslim majority population …read in detail

Remembering the Fallen ; The youngest Nishan-e-Haider of the nation

It is befitting that the Nishan-e-Haider award is forged from surrendered enemy gun metal. 88% copper, 10% tin and 2% zinc awarded to men with a 100% heart of gold and pure nerves of steel. One such recipient of the Nishan-e-Haider, whose birthday passed without the media highlighting the virtues of the famed pilot, is Rashid Minhas. Rashid …read in detail