Microsoft Trolls Google, Alphabet with

In a hilarious turn of events on the launch of Alphabet, now the parent company of Google, Microsoft has trolled Alphabet’s domain: Microsoft has (according to unconfirmed reports) registered domains resembling closely to the newly launched Alphabet site: The sites redirect the users to Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, as the pun intended names …read in detail

Dawn: Bad sub-editing gets magistrate ‘arrested’

Dawn News recently published (read: blundered on) a column ‘Crackdown on counterfeit drugs’ in the newspaper dated 15-4-2015. Everything was smooth sailing as usual until I read what was under the heading ‘HELD:’ where it got interesting: “Various price control magistrates on Tuesday got arrested 33 shopkeepers…”   Did I miss something or did the …read in detail

Nasir Jamshed parody account

Nasir Jamshed parody account back after Twitter ban

Nasir Jamshed, the (not so) flamboyant left arm batsman whose steam engine has apparently run out steam has been on the receiving end of public banter since Pakistani team set sail (on a snail pace, mind you) on its World Cup campaign. Capitalizing on the hilarious performance of out-of-form batsman, a tweep has managed to …read in detail

Striking Simliarity or Insufferable Incompetence?

Here’s one for the folks, who for some reason, keep bringing back similarities between  Pakistan 1992 and Team Pakistan World Cup 2015. The Captains: Both Khan Argument: Imran Khan and Misbah Ul Haq Khan? Praise the Lord! Counter-Argument: Misbah Ul Haq, a batsman who’s known by the nick tuq tuq against the all-rounder who was …read in detail