Bill Maher faces tweeps’ wrath for comparing Zayn Malik to Boston bombing

bill maher-zayn malik comparison

In a blatant display of Islamophobia, racisim and utter discrimination, Bill Maher, in his show ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ talked (read: spewed hatred) about Zayn Malik, the Muslim star who recently parted ways with One Direction boy-band originating in the UK.

Bill Maher, infamous for his repeated rhetoric against Muslims as seen in the past when Hollywood actor Ben Affleck slammed the show host live on TV for his anti-Muslim comments, the former host of ‘Politically Incorrect’ has reached a new level of in-correctness.

Talking about Zayn Malik on his show, Bill Maher commented on the former member of 1D by saying

“Just tell me two things, Zayn. Which one in the band were you? And where were you during the Boston Marathon?”


People were seen using #RespectForZayn on Twitter almost immediately and a petition at was filed calling for an apology from the show host.

The petition says “This is completely unacceptable. Racism should not become normalised especially on NATIONAL TELEVISION. Bill Maher and whoever wrote the script, need to be severely disciplined and at least apologise to show that this type of behaviour is NEVER ok.”

The petition filed 2 days ago is gathering momentum and twiteratti around the globe have condemned labeling Zayn Malik to the alleged terrorist.












It should be kept in mind that Boston Marathon bombings were allegedly masterminded by two U.S. citizens in which 5 people died while another 280 were injured as the terrorists blew up 2 homegrown bombs in the midst of a marathon.

My verdict?

If these two look the same:
Bill Maher Zayn Malik Boston bombing comparison
Then these two are a couple made in heaven:

Adolf Hitler Nazi Netanyahu Israel Apartheid


Disclaimer: This article was originally published in Dunya News website. The original article can be found here.

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