About Me

Hanzla Sajid, a digital activist and a blogger of Pakistani origin, based in Lahore. I am passionate about what I do and I believe in the power of digital media.

Brands that I have worked with :

channel24City042- Hanzla Sajid

Serving as Senior English News Content Writer @Channel 24/ City 042.

Dunya TV Hanzla Sajid
Dunya TV Network

Former editor @blogs.dunyanews.tv. Strived to serve authentic content wherever it took me. Responsibilities included:

a)​ Write content for the blog.
b)​ Analyze web analytics data to gauge content performance.
c)​ Creating and evaluating social media strategies.
d)​ Manage subscriptions , syndication and email newsletters.
e)​ Developing new methods to engage consumers on social platform.

Blogogist Hanzla Sajid

Blogogist, a tech-startup, where is I used to work prior to Dunya TV. Initiated on 1st October 2013 by LUMS graduates, since then it has been growing in number of team members, making its readers happy and reaching new milestones. At this moment, Blogogist has about 50,000+ visitors per month and growing.


Logos I associate myself with:

FCC logo - Hanzla Sajid
Forman Christian College Lahore, my Alma-mater

A home outside home, Forman Christian College instilled within me the very qualities that it carries it in its motto, ‘BY LOVE SERVE ONE ANOTER’

Majoring In Software Engineering and minoring in Mass Communication, this is the best place of learning one could ask for.

Sejong University Hanzla Sajid

Foreign Semester Exchange on scholarship in Seoul, Korea. Subjects studied include Journalism and Software Engineering.

The source of my pride, my national flag

They say that a picture speaks a thousand  words, this one is 300*192 pixels, and it can  tell you a far better story about me than I  can.
I am Pakistani without any borders. This flag is the reason I am a journalist.

Hashtags that describe me:

#Spontaneous, #Patriotic, #Satirical

Hashtags that describe my passions:

#Blogging, #PublicSpeaking, #EducationForAll, #MinorityRights, #WomenEmpowerment.

On a serious note though, you may think I’m not seeing what you do, but I am always here, scrolling, judging. *sips tea* *complains about the lack of sugar* *returns to a serious demeanor again*.

I keep a log of what I do right here. Fun minus the glorification, of course. You can also download my CV from here.

One Comment:

  1. Greetings Mr. Sajid,

    I am updating a lesson on Middle Eastern cultural awareness for the U.S. Air Force. One of the topics is “Women in the Military,” which deals specifically with the Khawla Bint Al Azwar Military School and with the Pakistani Surgeon General Shahida Malik, Major General Shahida Badshah, and Major General Nigar Johar. In researching this topic, I discovered your post “Woman Power: Nigar Johar becomes 3rd Female Major General of Pakistan Army,” which has wonderful photos of all three of these extraordinary women. I would like to include the photos in this article as part of the lesson.

    I anticipate approximately 300 students per year (best guess). Students are not charged a fee for the course. It will not be openly available to the public, so it will not compete with the views on your website. If these are not your photos, would you be willing to direct me to their source(s)? If these ARE your photos, may we have your permission to use them? You would receive full attribution as the photographer. Thank you so much for your consideration.

    Best regards,

    Sara Howland

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