8-year-old Pakistani boy detained by Indian authorities

Ghulam Hussain

As if detaining a pigeon was not enough to ‘defend’ the sovereignty of its country, Indian authorities detained an 8-year-old boy hailing from Karachi, Ghulam Hussain, while releasing 88 prisoners, mainly fishermen from Karachi.

The reason (read: excuse) given by Indian authorities for the prolonged detainment of the minor boy is paper work (or lack thereof) by the Pakistani embassy.

Ghulam Hussain, inspired by his father’s tales of seas was on his first expedition


Teary eyed and saddened at the prospect of leaving behind his son, father of Ghulam Hussain, Mohammad Juman has said that it was his son’s first time on a boating expedition.

Pakistani Twitterati has taken to the social media to protest against the wrong detainment of the 8-year-old boy. Labeling the move as one of cowardice, tweep quipped up the following:


Reiterating the stance of the nation regarding detaining a mere 8-year-old boy, tweep called out to Indian authorities to release the minor:


The ‘spy pigeon’ saga is fresh in the memory of many Pakistanis where the Indian intelligence apparatus deemed the pigeon to be a threat to their national security. A tweep reminded India not to take the matter to heart again and release the boy ASAP:

If a picture could convey a message to Indian authorities in bare minimum amount of words, this tweep may have gotten the message through:

My prayers and thoughts are with family of Ghulam Hussain, who undoubtedly wait for the 8-year-old boy to return to his home once again.

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