Dawn: Bad sub-editing gets magistrate ‘arrested’

Dawn News recently published (read: blundered on) a column ‘Crackdown on counterfeit drugs’ in the newspaper dated 15-4-2015. Everything was smooth sailing as usual until I read what was under the heading ‘HELD:’ where it got interesting: “Various price control magistrates on Tuesday got arrested 33 shopkeepers…”   Did I miss something or did the …read in detail

bill maher-zayn malik comparison

Bill Maher faces tweeps’ wrath for comparing Zayn Malik to Boston bombing

In a blatant display of Islamophobia, racisim and utter discrimination, Bill Maher, in his show ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ talked (read: spewed hatred) about Zayn Malik, the Muslim star who recently parted ways with One Direction boy-band originating in the UK. Bill Maher, infamous for his repeated rhetoric against Muslims as seen in the …read in detail