Sticks and Stones: 20 Years Jail Imposed by Zionist Israel on ‘Stone Throwers’



The Zionist Republic of Israel has approved a sentencing of 20 years for stone throwers. Apparently seeking justice against the killing of one’s siblings, parents and being uprooted from your homes qualifies for getting incarcerated for 2 decades. The doctrine is simple; We bomb you with phosphorus, commit war crimes and then we incarcerate when you throw a 3-pound stone. Fair play, right?

I have a proposition for your flag Mr Netanyahu.
I have a proposition for your flag Mr Netanyahu.

Israeli Knesset (parliament) passed the law with heavy majority as the bill, read out on the floor by neo-Zionist Jewish Home Party leader took effect immediately.

“Tolerance toward terrorists ends today. A stonethrower is a terrorist and only a fitting punishment can serve as a deterrent and just punishment,”

– Israel’s Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked, chief architect of the bill.

We will try to ignore the irony of the post of Justice Minister while discussing Israel’s claim of being the only ‘true’ democracy in the Middle East.

Dear Knesset, first give equal representation to your so called ‘Israeli Arabs’ according to their population and then we can talk.

Here is one reason why Israel might be threatened by stone throwers, arguably the most lethal weapon used since the ones on Hirsohima and Nagasaki:

Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) Armoured Corps deploys Merkeva Mk 4m Windbreaker tanks to defend themselves from the ‘invading hordes of Palestinians’. Statistically, the $6 million tank weighing 143,000 pounds is a potential target if peppered by a stone weighing 3 pounds. Hence the need for 20 years incarceration for perpetrators.

stone thrower israel
The tank might blow up any second now


The only consolation is that the Israeli prisons might provide better housing, clothing and food supply than the ones the ‘Israeli Arabs’ are being provided on Gaza Strip.

stone thrower israel
Conditions on Gaza Strip anytime IDF decides to bully Palestinians

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